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Q. What kind of housing does Paradise have to offer?

A. Paradise is a very diverse group of communities. The various types of housing include: Condominiums, Single Family homes, RV lots and a Condotel. 

Q. You said “communities”, how many are there?

A. Paradise Lakes Condo Association was the first. It was followed by Phase 3 AKA, the Key West condos, the RV Park, The Fountains, The Terraces, Paradise Palms and the Resort Condotel.

Q. Are these separate communities?

A. Yes. They each have their respective owner’s association with the exception of the Paradise Palms. The Paradise Lakes Condo Association further consists of the subdivisions of: Vacation Condos, Townhome style condos and individual home sites.

Q. Are there different style condos?

A. Yes. From 320 sq. ft. to 5,284 sq. ft. With and without garages and a few with indoor pools and elevators.

Q. Does use of the Resort come with residential ownership?

A. No. Resort membership is a separate purchase.

Q. Am I required to be a member of the resort?

A. No. The resort has a number of options for membership to fit most any lifestyle.

Q. What are the qualifications for residency in Paradise Lakes?

A. Must be a member of AANR or similar recognized nudist organization. Criminal background will be checked along with contacting references. These are the basics and additional requirements may vary according to the particular owners association you apply with. 

Q. How far is it to shopping?

A. For an aerial view of shopping in the area Click Here.

Q. In order to get around, are there any major roadways close by?

A. For an aerial view of major roadways close by Click Here.

Q. It is said that Paradise Lakes is in the Nudist Capital of the World. What other nudist entities are around?

A. For an aerial view of the other nudist communities and resorts close by Click Here.

Q. How far are they from Paradise Lakes?

A. For a chart showing the distances to the other nudist communities and resorts close by Click Here.

Q. Are there any medical facilities around and how far?

A. We have a 24/7 ER across the street.

Q. Are there things to do in the area? Day trips?

A. We're in Central Florida which is known as one of the top play areas in the country. 

Q. Does Paradise Lakes allow pets?

A. Yes. The rules vary with each Homeowners Association. Generally two pets, on leash, pick up after, about 35 pounds but exceptions may be given. No farm animals, aggressive or obnoxious pets allowed. Check with each association for their specifics.

Q. Are children allowed?

A. Yes. Children allowed to visit and reside in Paradise Lakes. The school bus picks up the children at the entrance on Brinson Rd.

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